Sunday, August 30, 2009

DIY Loop Scarf

What's a loop scarf? Well, it's a scarf inspired by the necklush. What's a Necklush? It's an accessory made from free-form loops of cotton fabric. It can be worn as a scarf, cowl, necklace...the possibilities are endless!

When I first laid eyes on these, I thought they were so cool and unique...and the gears in my brain were working on how I could make my own...they looked kinda easy. But, of course, someone already beat me to the punch. I used a tutorial from this old dress...but I can't find it now!! Here's a similar tutorial though, for a braided one, which I'm going to make asap!

This is a really great "upcycling" craft!! What were you going to do with all those old t-shirts anyway??

Start with a clean t-shirt. Lay it down on a table and cut horizontally straight across the shirt, creating loops.

Try to go for the kind of t-shirts that don't have seams on either side. But if yours does (mine does too!), no big deal!

You'll end up with a pile of loops. The more loops you have, the fuller your scarf will be.

Now, gently tug on the loops. You can do several at once. The fabric will naturally curl in. See? you didn't have to cut perfectly straight! hehe

If your t-shirt did have seams, you'll notice that it didn't curl in very nicely on the seam, so just use some scrap fabric to cover it up.

Now you've got a lovely scarf you can wear numerous ways!

They would make really great gifts, and you can make any color combo you like. You can also thinly brush on some paint mixed with fabric medium if you want to channel your inner-artist. Don't put on too much though because your fabric won't curl up nicely.

It's still really hot outside, but you can make a bunch of these now so you'll be ready for fall!


  1. how did you get to be so thick? Also i made one but little bits from the fabric were coming off, how can i stop this?

  2. Love this idea - thanks! Perfect for handmade holiday gifts.

  3. The more t-shirts you use, the fuller it will be. I made 3 separate (grey)ones and layered them for a fuller look. You could also layer ones of different colors. The fabric bits will stop coming off after some use. The more you stretch and run your hands through it, the more the edges will curl in and it will "shed" less!

  4. jus did one today, turned out great! super easy to do