Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Necklace Board

I have been on an organization kick out unwanted/needed clothing and accessories.

I realized that I didn't wear many of my accessories because I just couldn't see any of them!!

I had all my necklaces hanging on a belt hanger. Each hook had several necklaces on it and they always got tangled. Not only that, but it was hanging in between all my clothes in the poor closet lighting.

I had an old French memo board I was about to bring to Goodwill.

But instead, I bought a box of T-pins and cubicle hooks and hung all my necklaces on it!

I am soo happy with it!

After that, I got really crazy and bought this from the Container Store to organize my earrings and bracelets!

Ooh and guess what!! It's two-sided!


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